[Android only] I've lost my guides and trips.



We are very sorry that you encountered this rare issue. :( But there is still hope!

You can try the following things (one by one, in this order) to fix it and get access to your guides and trips without having to re-download them again:


  1. Make sure you have at least 600 MB of free space available on your device’s non-removable storage (not the SD-card). If not, free up some space then try to start tripwolf again.
  2. Make sure your device is not plugged into a computer via cable, and doesn’t have some other storage device (e.g. USB stick, external hard drive) connected to it.
  3. Open your task switcher (recent apps) and swipe them away to close them, one by one, including tripwolf, then try to open tripwolf again.
  4. Go to the Settings of your device, then to the list of all installed apps, then tap on “tripwolf”, then tap on “Force stop”. Try to open tripwolf again.
  5. Reboot your device, and once the boot is completed, try to open tripwolf again.


If none of the above works, unfortunately you will have to try re-installing the app. If you have a tripwolf account and typically use the app while signed in, this recovery procedure will be greatly simplified. Once you sign in, all your guides will be correctly marked as owned and you will only have to download the ones you need right now. Trips you created in the app will be synced and available as well. In general, creating a tripwolf account and signing in is the best way to make sure that all your guides and trips are preserved and synced regardless of the device(s) you use.

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